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Money - Balancing Spending Now and Saving for the Future

I'm very excited to have my first piece run for Money Magazine's new website, about balancing spending now and saving for the future.  This is a fundamental struggle that ...

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Should You Pay Off Student Loans Early? 5 Questions to Consider

I've recently had a few clients and children of retired clients ask me questions about paying off their student loans early, so I thought a blog post was in order. ...

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Focus on Progress, not Perfection

When I work with families, they tend to share a few characteristics - They're incredibly bright, which makes them good at seeing lots of possibilities in situations which leads to success ...

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9 Questions About Money to Answer With Your Spouse

I recently had a conversation with my wife where I told her that an event was going to be held next friday.  We left the conversation, and thought we both ...

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Cash is King - It's Useful For More Than Mattress Stuffing

I seem to be having conversations with clients daily about cash.  We talk about how little they spend in cash anymore, the pennies in interest they are earning in their ...

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